In Our Own Words


"Saint-Gobain has always been a place of opportunities to me. I had the chance to meet incredibly nice and smart people in this company that have entrusted me with challenging and innovative projects. Saint-Gobain supported my education starting with an internship at Saint-Gobain Research North America in 2011. I went back to France to finish my education in polymer science and mechanics of materials in ESPCI Paris. I joined the company in 2013 as Saint-Gobain was supporting my PhD on laminated glass and adhesion. I moved back at Saint-Gobain Research North America at the beginning of 2017.


I am now a Senior Research Engineer in the Competency Research lab. I support different businesses on questions related to aging and adhesion. Saint-Gobain is a 350 old company that still manages to be innovative and disruptive. I wanted to join this company to be part of this adventure. I have always been attracted by the diversity and complexity of Saint-Gobain products and the scientific challenges that arise from their applications. Saint-Gobain is a company where fundamental research meets industrial applications to provide innovative solutions for the future of habitat. Coming to Saint-Gobain Research North America I knew I would be given the opportunity to work on very advanced scientific issues and help develop new technologies. Saint-Gobain Research North America is a place where your scientific curiosity is rewarded every day.


Saint-Gobain is also a global company and I took the opportunity to move from France to the Saint-Gobain Research North America R&D center to immerse myself in a different work environment. The Saint-Gobain Research North America is a very special place in Saint-Gobain where people from many countries with very different cultural and technical background, come to work together."



Senior Research Engineer