In Our Own Words


"I joined the Fluid Systems team at Saint-Gobain Research North America two months ago and am currently working for the Life Sciences division and am part of our Cell Therapy team. As a biologist trained in academia and the biomedical industry, my background is quite different from that of most of my colleagues in the engineering field. When I joined Saint-Gobain, I was surprised to learn how open-minded and curious my colleagues from very different areas in R&D were. From the start I was welcomed by my colleagues and given advice and answers for all work and non-work related questions, which was tremendously helpful for getting settled in the US after moving here from Germany.


In my new role, I am responsible for establishing and maintaining a cell culture laboratory to test our existing and newly developed cell culture bags for a range of cell therapies. To this end, I am using my know-how and experience from both my previous biomedical and surface science projects done in very different locations and contexts. My daily work is always exciting, challenging, creative, and very much R&D-focused. I am constantly learning about process and product development as well as safety and quality control considerations; and all of this in a large, multinational company that manufactures and sells its products globally.


I love that my work helps saving lives and has a true, real-life impact for millions of people around the world. The upbeat atmosphere on the Saint-Gobain Research North America campus and support from my colleagues inspire me to think farther and broader. New talent is always welcome here. If you’d like to join us, you will find yourself to become a member of a diverse, curious and dynamic community.”



Senior Research Engineer