In Our Own Words


"I have been with Saint-Gobain for over a year and half and have found that Saint-Gobain Research North America offers many opportunities for greater development. I have worked as a financial analyst for the past seven years in various companies but my time at Saint-Gobain Research North America has been unique and one of increased community and improved work-life balance.  As a young professional, the support to individual growth has been a constant advantage.


One of Saint-Gobain’s unique qualities is its cultural diversity. To be a part of such a diverse workforce shows that this company truly values the contributions made by those from different backgrounds and age groups. This is especially important to me as young Hispanic female seeking to be successful in her field.


My work at Saint-Gobain Research North America challenges me to excel in new ways. This has been made possible by the different opportunities that Saint-Gobain has to offer. Saint-Gobain Research North America proactively seeks to further cultivate this type of environment for its employees through its various training course and events that help to expand our knowledge of various topics. For example, I recently attended the Women’s Leadership Conference as part of my professional and personal development. This kind of support reassures me that I can continue to develop here.


Even when we are hard at work we know that we can take a moment to breathe and perhaps visit the garden in the summer or grab a cappuccino and popcorn in the afternoon. This helps to bring some equilibrium to our day. I appreciate that Saint-Gobain Research North America promotes this kind of atmosphere, which makes it a more pleasant place to work. What truly makes every day enjoyable are the people who work here who share similar aspirations of advancement in their careers and in life.


I consider Saint-Gobain Research North America a great place to work because it promotes diversity, professional growth, and a healthy work-life balance. Those who work diligently will find that new and greater opportunities will surely present themselves. It is especially inspiring to be a part of an R&D Center where creativity and innovation are encouraged."



Financial Analyst