In Our Own Words


"I am currently the U.S. Group Leader for the Corporate Techno-Marketing Team. The function of our team is to assess growth areas and create business opportunities for Saint-Gobain by cross-linking markets and technologies. I have the chance to work with virtually all of the businesses within SG and assist with developing their growth strategies. My role is very dynamic and forward-looking so I get to discover something new every day.


I have been with Saint-Gobain for 12 years with a hiatus. I joined the company after completing my degrees in Mechanical Engineering and working as a Process Engineer for a small, local, family-owned manufacturing company nearby. My career with Saint-Gobain began at NRDC in the Surface Characterization Lab associated with the Machining group. I started as a Research Engineer but eventually decided I wanted more external customer interaction. I moved into an Application Engineering role while studying for my MBA in Marketing and Finance at night (my education at Clark University kindly paid for by Saint-Gobain). Once my degree was completed, the Abrasives business offered me a job as a Product Manager – a role I enjoyed for many years. I left the company for several years but found my way back to NRDC two years ago and I’m so happy I did – I was welcomed back with open arms.


NRDC is a great place to work! We are a multi-disciplinary industrial research center on 26 acres in a small town easily accessible by highway. The diversity in culture and experience is amazing and the atmosphere is one of openness and sharing. We are also fortunate in that we are frequently visited by high level Corporate Managers who take time to share their vision with employees at the center.


What I love most in my daily work are the people, the energy and learning something new every day. Saint-Gobain is a large company with many chances to grow and develop. NRDC provides exposure to all the Saint-Gobain businesses in North America so you can learn a lot about the company in one location. Come join us!"



Group Leader for the Corporate Techno-Marketing team