In Our Own Words


“I came to Saint-Gobain Research North America in 2014 from an academic position, not knowing what to expect of the ‘corporate world’. I also have to admit I was a bit mystified by Saint-Gobain, having never heard the name despite its long history and global stature.


What I did know was that I enjoy fundamentals research, and that the mission, vision, and needs of the Competency Research Labs (CRL) seemed to align with my interests. What I didn’t realize was just how diverse are the businesses supported by our teams in CRL and how many are the ways we support them.


This combination makes for an exciting portfolio of projects that’s made all the more dynamic by the sometimes ad-hoc organization of diverse teams: it is always a learning experience to see how people in different roles and from different backgrounds address problems and opportunities from different angles. Then there’s also the many unforeseen projects arising from serendipitous interactions with enthusiastic and talented colleagues.


It’s not just scientific and business interactions either. I am glad to be able to call many of the people I work with my friends.”



Senior Research Engineer