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Solid Oxide Fuel Cell

Saint-Gobain recognizes the critical need to decrease the CO2 footprint and energy demand worldwide, offering innovative solutions for efficient, comfortable building envelopes and distributed energy generation. Our key products for newly built and renovated buildings include high-performance internal and external insulation systems, multi-layered glass with tunable solar reflectivity, energy-efficient lighting technologies and cost-effective photovoltaic materials.


To further address the growing energy demand, Saint-Gobain has developed a unique all-ceramic solid oxide fuel cell technology for secure, distributed generation of on-site electricity and heat with up to 90% total efficiency. Branded under the trademark VestiON®, this all-ceramic solution offers best-in-class durability, reliability and cost-reduction potential. This game-changing technology platform is derived from Saint-Gobain’s internally-funded R&D efforts on SOFC for more than 15 years, and leverages Saint-Gobain’s extensive expertise in ceramics and ceramic materials as a vertically integrated player.




Solid fuel cell (SOFC) developed by SaintGobain




Advantages of Saint-Gobain's SOFC Solution

Saint-Gobain's Solid fuel cell (SOFC) advantage is robust technology

Robust Technology

  • Novel ceramic interconnects
  • Crystallized glass seal: mitigates gas leakage
  • Well-bonded stack supported design
Saint-Gobain's Solid fuel cell (SOFC) advantage is low cost

Low cost manufacturing

  • Multi-cell processing & co-firing
  • Vertical integration (customized powders produced in-house)
  • Thin ceramic interconnects
Saint-Gobain's Solid fuel cell (SOFC) advantage is market driven features

Market driven features

  • Modular design addressing several markets
  • Multi-pass fuel processing to achieve high electrical efficiency
  • Durability and reliability allowing long lifetime including start and stop operation


How SOFC Works

With SOFC less energy wasted

methods of energy generation


Saint-Gobain ceramic fuel cells