Presentation of Top Global Innovators Award

Presentation of Top Global Innovators Award

10/17/2018 - In 2017 Saint-Gobain was recognized for the seventh consecutive year as one of the 100 most innovative companies in the world by Clarivate Analytics.


In a ceremony hosted at Saint-Gobain Research North America, the honor was presented to the Saint-Gobain by Dan Videtto, Clarivate Analytics’ President of IP & Standards. Videtto notes, “This award not only represents 2017 but for the last 7 years where Saint-Gobain has been one of the World’s Top 100 innovators”


The ranking is based on four patent-related metrics: the total number of patents, the number of patents granted as a ratio of patents filed, the global scope of the portfolio of patents, and the impact of patents measured by the number of references.


Saint-Gobain Research North America is one of eight transversal R&D Centers that comprise the global network of R&D in Saint-Gobain. Along with over 100 dedicated development units, Saint-Gobain researchers uphold the tradition of innovation within Saint-Gobain. “The analysis that is made shows that the inventions you contribute to have an impact on the progress of a technology and the industry at large so it is a recognition of the work of Saint-Gobain employees in R&D and beyond,” said Armand Ajdari, Vice President of R&D and Innovation of the Saint-Gobain Group.


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