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Saint-Gobain Research North America is one of Saint-Gobain's largest industrial research laboratories. Located in the greater Boston area, Saint-Gobain Research North America is home to more than 400 employees working at the leading edge of innovation. Discover how Saint-Gobain Research North America partners with employees and customers to build careers and products that improve our world. JOIN US

Our Talent.


R&D Manager, Forming and 3D Printing


"I truly cherish the diversity at Saint-Gobain Research North America in terms of technical expertise, capabilities, and breadth of projects, but also cultural diversity, where approximately 30 nationalities are represented on one campus of approximately 350 people"


Senior Research Engineer


"It is always a learning experience to see how people in different roles and from different backgrounds address problems and opportunities from different angles.Then there’s also the many unforeseen projects arising from serendipitous interactions with enthusiastic and talented colleagues."


Senior Research Engineer


"I love that my work helps saving lives and has a true, real-life impact for millions of people around the world. The upbeat atmosphere on the Saint-Gobain Research North America campus and support from my colleagues inspire me to think farther and broader"


Senior Research Engineer


"The company provides great opportunities for career growth. Specifically, it includes opportunities to transition between different roles within the organization. For instance, persons may transition from an R&D to Marketing or Finance."


Research Engineer


"In my current group, I work on coating formulation and processing for several different business units, allowing me to gain insight into many of Saint-Gobain’s markets. From creating and testing lab scale coating samples to conducting pilot trials, my days are filled with new challenges and diverse tasks."


Research Engineer


"The ADFORS R&D team is a multicultural team that is inclusive of all and is challenging me to expand my capabilities.These newly developed skills will allow me to return to the Czech Republic in a few years to take on an expanded role in the global Geotextile team."


R&D Group Leader / Principal Scientist


"NRDC is a vibrant community based on exchange and open collaboration around a large breadth of scientific challenges fed by a large pool of businesses (Ceramics, Abrasives, Polymers, Fabrics, Habitat…). I have learned, grown and am thankful to many people from that workplace."


Senior Research Engineer


"Solving problems, bringing new solutions and helping our internal customers stay tuned with the most advanced techniques is particularly challenging and requires a lot of agility and experience, which I can hopefully leverage from the senior members of our group."


Financial Analyst


"One of Saint-Gobain’s unique qualities is its cultural diversity. To be a part of such a diverse workforce shows that this company truly values the contributions made by those from different backgrounds and age groups. This is especially important to me as young Hispanic female seeking to be successful in her field."


Senior Research Engineer


"Coming to Saint-Gobain Research North America I knew I would be given the opportunity to work on very advanced scientific issues and help develop new technologies. Saint-Gobain Research North America is a place where your scientific curiosity is rewarded every day."


Principal Scientist


"Working in the ADFORS business R&D team at NRDC has allowed me to build my entrepreneurial skills by understanding how to take technologies and convert them to commercially viable business opportunities."


Senior Research Engineer


"R&D is anything but a routine job: Change is the only constant. It’s all about experimenting with new things and constantly learning even sometimes from your failures. It also forces you to question things, habits, beliefs, and to discover new industries, new applications and new technologies…"


Group Leader for the Corporate Techno-Marketing team


"Saint-Gobain is a large company with many chances to grow and develop. NRDC provides exposure to all the Saint-Gobain businesses in North America so you can learn a lot about the company in one location. Come join us!"

Our Research

Building Science

Saint-Gobain Research North America’s research programs in building science develop solutions for sustainable buildings and construction. Did you know that buildings account for 25-40% of all global energy use? Our world needs what we’re working on: more efficient and more comfortable buildings that reduce energy consumption, greenhouse gases, water use, and waste generation. Come join us in creating a built environment that protects our families, our communities, and our planet.






Innovative Materials

Innovative Materials R&D teams at Saint-Gobain Research North America work with business and customer partners to solve problems in challenging industrial markets. Combining expertise in materials sciences, process technologies, and markets, our scientists and engineers use their technical mastery to deliver:

  • ceramic solutions for applications that include refractories, industrial crystals, electronics, furnacing, and space flight
  • abrasives solutions that grind, finish, and polish nearly everything we touch today… shaping the future!
  • plastics solutions from life-saving bio-pharma applications to high-performance industrial components including foams, films, seals, and bearings
  • technical fabrics that extend roadway life, protect human life, and shelter the world

Join Us.


Discover how NRDC partners with employees and customers to build careers and products that improve our world.

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